Thursday, 8 January 2015

Swords in the Mighty Cedars is in the Works!

After a year of sporadic work, SitMC is finally nearing fruition. In an effort to consolidate and organize several drafts, and purge boring and distasteful material, I've put together a working draft of the final piece. Its no-where near finished, but it isn't just garbled notes anymore either.

(It should be uploaded on the sidebar to the right)

SitMC will be a supplement fairly compatible (maybe requiring a tweak or two by the referee) with any set of old-school d&d-derivative role-playing rules. I may eventually add a set of basic rules so that this will not be necessary, but for now, I'm more interested in fleshing out more content and figuring out exactly what this text is going to look like.

A big thank-you to thorswolf for the endless brilliant ideas and research, a fuller and more refined work will be soon in coming!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Adventure on the High Seas, Me Maties!

This Christmas, I finally played Captain Blood, and set out in the newly purchased "Wave Dancer" (Despite heated arguments that we should have named it the Sea Witch instead)! On route to the fabled Mountain of Death, our ship was boarded "So-whoggins" from the ocean depths, who were quickly and thoroughly spanked. I learned that these creatures make loud squawking noises, which are very hard on the DM's throat, especially since he has a bad cold (so no, he won't make that sound again).